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Building a woodworking community through learning

With an emphasis in the use of hand tools, Midwest Woodworking School offers education in tried and tested woodworking techniques from past to the present. Your learning experience will empower you to achieve higher levels of woodworking. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or looking to learn the skills required to make woodworking your career, Midwest Woodworking School will help you improve skill level and match your goal. All classes are taught by master craftsmen in their own field of woodworking with years of knowledge and experience.

Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, 10 minutes north of O’Hare Airport and 14 miles from Down Town Chicago. 

Opening the Doors of Midwest Woodworking School




Opening the Doors of Midwest Woodworking School

David Coulthard

36 years of woodworking builds experience. And with 36 years of experience under my (tool) belt, many people have said to me “you should be teaching that to others.” That set off something inside of me - it inspired me to follow a passion I've had for years; open a school for woodworkers.

So here we are, after three years of planning, building benches, acquiring the extra tools and equipment, the doors are finally opening at The Midwest Woodworking School. We had our initial trial run last weekend which was very informative and enjoyable to all who attended. A big thank you to Douglas, Marcus and Steve. (the pizza for lunch wasn’t  too bad either).

We have designed classes to suit all skill levels and are planning new classes for 2017 with new instructors joining the team. Keep a look out for the new classes, there may be one there for you!
Please share this news with your friends and family, I’m sure there’s someone you know who would like to try a class. You never know you may be rewarded with one of the projects they learned how to build.

We look forward to see you soon at the Midwest Woodworking School in Des Plaines. IL

- David

-- David