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With an emphasis in the use of hand tools, Midwest Woodworking School offers education in tried and tested woodworking techniques from past to the present. Your learning experience will empower you to achieve higher levels of woodworking. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or looking to learn the skills required to make woodworking your career, Midwest Woodworking School will help you improve skill level and match your goal. All classes are taught by master craftsmen in their own field of woodworking with years of knowledge and experience.

Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, 10 minutes north of O’Hare Airport and 14 miles from Down Town Chicago. 

MWS visits the Rock River Valley chapter of SAPFM




MWS visits the Rock River Valley chapter of SAPFM

David Coulthard

A little while ago we attended a meeting of the Rock River Valley chapter of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, ( I'd known about SAPFM for years, having heard them mentioned in woodworking magazines and podcasts over the years. But Dave had been  looking over their forums, and noticed that the Rock River Valley chapter, the one closest of the school, was having a meeting in a few days. In addition to holding their regular chapter meeting, they were invited to visit a home with a large private collection of Shaker furniture, as well as pieces by both Sam Maloof and George Nakashima. We were thrilled to be included.

When the day arrived, the private furniture tour was excellent and exceeded our expectations. The chapter meeting itself had about 12 members in attendance, and it was great to meet them all. They were a mix of hobbiest and professional woodworkers, and several brought furniture projects and some technique discussions to share with the group. They were kind to let Dave and I announce the opening of the school to the group. We even got to be in the group photo, which made the quarterly SAPFM eMagazine released the following week.

The day was a three way win for for us; we saw some amazing furniture, connected with the local SAPFM chapter, and met some woodworkers who might be added to the school's roster as teachers in the future.

If you're at all curious about SAPFM, make sure to check out their site, and take a look at the generous benefits of membership. I know Dave and I are looking forward to future meetings.